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Polanie Dance Folk Group

The Connecticut-based Song and Dance Ensemble „Polanie” was formed in 2006 and now consists of more than 70 individuals.  The group has four dance groups, a band, and a circle of singers.  The youngest dancer is 3 years old while the oldest – well we’ll leave that a secret. The Artistic Director and Choreographer of Polanie is Mrs. Hanna Deja. The group practices weekly in their hometown of Brigeport, CT. They perform dances and sing songs from various regions of Poland garbed in handmade costumes crafted in Poland.

In August of 2013, Polanie hosted its first International Dance Festival in Ansonia.  The event was attended by over 700 people and featured dance and music performances from groups representing the Ukraine, Peru, Germany, Portugal and Poland, in addition to the United States.  This event has now become an annual one for Polanie and they are pleased to partner with the Polish Motorcycle Riding Club, Husaria, whose riders came from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut to support the event. Polanie is also proud to partner with and host artists from various famous Polish Ensembles.  In 2013, artists from “Mazowsze” and “Ziemia Bydgoska” performed with Polanie. The group is passionate about polish music and dance.  Due to its varied repertoire Polanie has had the privilege of performing at Consulate offices, weddings, parades, national festivals, and schools.

The mission of „Polanie” Song and Dance Ensemble is to engage in enthusiastic performances that provide joy to our audience. The group is able to achieve this with the hard work and help of the committee, members, and the families of the dancers.